That Night on Thistle Lane - Carla Neggers

Released February 2013

Carla Neggers

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

As a small town librarian, Phoebe O'Dunn spends a lot of time focusing on her work and not seeking adventures. When she stumbles on a hidden cache of costumes in the library attic, she knows two of the dresses will be perfect for her sisters. There's an upcoming masquerade ball and Phoebe isn't attending, but she wants her sisters to have a great time.

Eventually, Phoebe changes her mind and decides to dress up for the ball too. Hoping no one will recognize her, she attends the ball in full costume and catches the eye of a dashing swashbuckler. The pair turn heads, and Phoebe leaves before anyone figures out who she is. Her dance partner really wants to find her, however, and enlists the help of his friend.

At heart, That Night on Thistle Lane is a retelling of the Cinderella story, but there's a twist. There is a mystery at hand that the reader is privy to along the way. There's a mysterious person in town, a stalker perhaps, and whether Noah or Phoebe is the intended victim, one thing is sure, Noah wants to keep Phoebe safe.

I love Carla Neggers writing. She lives on the other side of the state, so I usually know the settings in her books. That Night on Thistle Lane didn't grab me as ferociously as prior books have, but it was still a solid read. I start to wonder if I should have read the first book in the series and then continued with this second book. It just seemed I spent more time getting the characters down in the first few chapters and left me focused more on the characters than the story itself.


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