Severed Threads - Kaylin McFarren

Released August 2012

Kaylin McFarren

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

After her father's tragic death, Rachel Lyons moves on, taking an office job dealing in Asian antiques. She never expects to run into the man who last saw her father alive, Chase Cohen. He needs funding to take on a mission recovering an ancient vessel, and the foundation Rachel works for is his last hope. With the help of a Dr. Ying, he hopes Rachel will see past her father's tragic death and allow him to do his job.

That's not the only thing on Rachel's plate. Her brother's gotten himself tied up with mobsters. Rachel's only hope for saving her brother lies in taking a priceless artifact from the wreckage that Chase is trying to salvage.

I'd love to say that Severed Threads wowed me, but it feel short. I liked the story and chemistry between Rachel and Chase, but when her brother's story was added it seemed like overkill. I found myself far too eager to skip over his scenes, but I couldn't, so I dragged through those and ended up feeling that the extra plot bogged the potentially great romance down.


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