I'll Be Seeing You - Suzanne Hayes & Loretta Nyhan

Released May 28, 2013

Suzanne Hayes
Loretta Nyhan

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I'll Be Seeing You is a book that stands out. It's unique and certainly captivating. I won't call it a romance, though there are romantic aspects. It's a tearjerker and definitely worth reading.

Authors Suzanne Hayes and Loretta Nyhan never met while writing this book. That's part of what makes it so intriguing. They each chose a character, wives with soldiers heading off to fight during WWII, and then emailed each other letters back and forth based on the thoughts, hopes, dreams, and fears of their characters. Those letters became the heart and soul of this novel.

Rita Vincenzo is a 40-something in Iowa. Her husband and son both head off to fight in WWII together. This leaves Rita fearful for the safety of both and also lonely as her entire family went away in one shot. She has her friends, but it's the friendship she strikes up with another wife, Glory Whitehall, that really keeps her sane.

Glory is pregnant and has a young son. When her husband leaves to fight in WWII, Glory has her friends and her husband's best friend to lean on, but it's the letters from Rita that help Glory maintain sanity in a challenging time.

Through the months and then years, Glory and Rita strike up a lasting friendship, all through letters. They're there for support, advice, and even recipe exchanges.

Quite simply, I loved I'll Be Seeing You. It tugged at the heart, definitely had me shedding tears now and then, and I know the authors captured the thoughts and fears of a wife whose husband was fighting a war thousands of miles away. I know the realism in this book because when my great-aunt died, she left me her collection of letters written to her husband who fought in France in WWII, as well as the letters he sent to her. Look for I'll Be Seeing You in late-May.


  1. Tracy, thank you for this lovely review! Suzy and I are thrilled you enjoyed I'll Be Seeing You (and we're more than a little jealous of your treasure trove of WWII letters!).


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