Home by Dark - Marta Perry

Released December 2012

Marta Perry

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Leaving her Amish family wasn't easy, but Rachel Weaver Mason is back in Deer Run, taking over the house her late mother-in-law left her. Rachel left her Amish community to marry the man she thought she loved, but now she's a penniless widow with nothing more than the house she's inherited. Rachel would love to have her parents welcome her and her young daughter back, but the Amish customs dictate otherwise.

Rachel's younger brother does become part of her life, but it's clear that something is troubling him. When he shows up at her house convinced that someone is following him, Rachel agrees to drive him home. She too sees a strange man lurking in the bushes and starts to worry that his missing friend may not simply be off exploring the non-Amish world. Trusting in Colin MacDonald, a man she's known since childhood, Rachel hopes she can keep herself, her daughter, and her brother safe from an unknown danger.

I loved Home by Dark. There's a great blend of mystery/suspense and romance. Like usual, Marta Perry draws her reader into the Amish world. Her characters feel like friends and the setting always makes you feel at home.


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