The Explorer - James Smythe

Released January 2013

James Smythe
Harper Voyager

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Imagine joining astronauts on a voyage into space. Cormac Easton, a journalist, is given that chance when he's chosen to write about the mission from a unique vantage point. Things do not go as planned when the crew wake up from their pods to find their captain dead. One by one, others in the mission die leaving Cormac completely alone.

I don't always like sci-fi, but The Explorer wowed me. I can't imagine being alone in space, having no idea how to change my situation, and knowing that eventually you'll run out of food, fuel, and air. On that level, this book is completely terrifying.

The book starts out with Cormac alone, so it's not a big surprise. From that point out, it flips back and forth as you learn the fate of each crew member. It also views the innermost psyche as Cormac comes to terms with events that happened before and during his space voyage. You get to know what he's thinking, how his wife reacted to his leaving, and his growing relationships with the astronauts joining him.

It's a refreshing story that draws you in and holds you captive as you wait to see how things will end for Cormac.


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