The Baby Jackpot - Jacqueline Diamond

Released March 2013

Jacqueline Diamond

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

The latest book in the Safe Harbor Medical Series features Dr. Cole Rattigan and his nurse Stacy Layne. Stacy's long admired her boss, but she never expects to have a one-night affair with him that leaves her pregnant.

After a somewhat bitter divorce, her husband left her for his high school sweetheart, Stacy decided to donate some of her eggs to the hospital's fertility program and she's still coming down from the hormone injections. She's not just pregnant, she's pregnant with triplets.

Cole wants more than anything to prove to Stacy that he's not walking away, but she has her mind set on adoption. What can he do to prove to her that not all men are like her ex?

The Baby Jackpot is another fun addition to the Safe Harbor series. Jacqueline Diamond keeps creating likeable characters and a town that I'd love to be part of. And, that's not just because year-round warm weather sounds really good when you're into day whatever of below zero nights and highs in the single digits.

This book did set up a few potential avenues for future books too. I'd love to see what happens with Stacy's "nemesis," the woman her ex left her for. I'd also like to see some of Stacy's friends find their own happily ever after. Most of all, I really want to have a glimpse into Stacy and Cole's life down the road, once the triplets are born.

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