Babyland - Holly Chamberlain

Released July 2005

Holly Chamberlain

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I have very mixed feelings on Babyland. The heroine, Anna Traulsen, is engaged to marry a wealthy businessman. The couple do not want children, so Anna is shocked when she discovers she's pregnant, no thanks to failed birth control. She reveals the news to her fiance, expecting him to flip, but he acts delighted instead.

Anna isn't sure she wants to become a mother. Add in morning sickness, the thought that her career as an event planner may become affected, and the knowledge that she loves, but isn't really in love with her significant other. Her life is suddenly complicated and she's not sure what to do.

Babyland is a chick lit story in theory, but it's not always light and comical, and I'm going to bet that throws many readers off. It takes time to warm up to Anna's character because she does spend a whole lot of time complaining about her circumstances. She does change along the way, and once that happens, I really settled in and loved the story.


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