Waking Up Married - Mira Lyn Kelly

Released December 2012

Mira Lyn Kelly

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I don't know how long it will last, but at the time of this review, Amazon Kindle is giving away Waking Up Married. At that price, there's no reason you shouldn't read this book. When the paperback version comes out in April, I still think it will be a worthwhile read.

Megan Scott wakes up on the morning of her cousin's Vegas wedding and finds herself married to a complete stranger. It takes a little thought to try to recall the events from the night before, but it's clear she's married and her new husband doesn't want the quick annulment she's after. He wants to give their new marriage a trial run.

This poses problematic for Megan. She's tired of not finding Mr. Right and, as a result, made arrangements to have a baby through a sperm donor. Her new husband, Connor Reed, is offering her the chance to have a baby, and that's almost too tempting to pass up.

 Obviously, long-time romance readers can see where this story is headed. There is the push and pull of "am I making a huge mistake," but watching Megan and Connor is still fun. Just when you think they're falling into step with each other, things change and the question if they'll make it does pop up again.

If you believe in love at first sight, this is a romance that won't let you down. It may not be a unique plot, but it's heartwarming nonetheless.

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