Trust No One - Laurel Bradley

Released June 2012

Laurel Bradley
Storyteller Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Taylor Wilson receives the shock of her life when a bomb destroys her house minutes after her husband leaves. He's vanished and the FBI suspect he's behind the bombing. Taylor can't believe that the man she loves would do something like this, yet his absence is odd.

Soon, she receives a strange text message from him stating that she should "trust no one," and then he leaves her cryptic clues as to his whereabouts. Ditching the FBI isn't easy, but Taylor truly believes the key to her safety involves finding her husband.

Trust No One keeps you on the edge of your seat. Taylor's strength is apparent and makes her a very riveting character, and her husband is a little more secretive and has the reader wondering if he is the loving man she thinks he is.

If you enjoy suspense/thriller with a touch of romance, you will not want to miss Laurel Bradley's story.


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