Three River Ranch - Roxanne Snopek

Released August 2012

Roxanne Snopek
Entangled Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Rory McAllister left everything to start a new life at Three River Ranch. Her realtor certainly didn't bother to tell her that the guesthouse she was leasing was dirty, run down, and in desperate need of an overhaul. Rory's pregnant, alone, and not sure what to do next.

Carson Granger is shocked to find a pregnant woman on his family's ranch. He has dreams of turning the ranch into a sanctuary for wild horses. His late father put certain provisions into his will, however, that has it either reverting to a cattle ranch or finding Carson married before Carson can inherit the land. Carson's lawyer thinks Rory might be the answer to their prayers. Carson's views on marriage are skewed and that's the last thing he'd do to Rory.

As the pair get to know each other, sparks fly, but is a relationship truly best for either of them? Rory's still nursing a broken heart after the father of her unborn child told her he didn't believe the child was his. Carson's fighting his own personal demons from a failed relationship. With both hesitant to give their heart away, all may be lost.

Three River Ranch is a shorter, but very satisfying contemporary romance. It's under 200 pages, yet nothing feels rushed. In generally, it's a short, satisfying contemporary romance with a strong hero and an even stronger heroine. I certainly enjoyed it and kind of hope that Roxanne Snopek returns to Three River Ranch for future romances.


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