This Is How I Save My Life - Amy B. Scher

Released January 2013

Amy B. Scher

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Author Amy B. Scher lived in pain for years without doctor's coming up with any idea what was wrong. Test after test provided no relief. Eventually, they discovered she had Lyme disease, and that meant heavy-duty antibiotics, up to 44 pills a day and intramuscular injections. Seeking a better answer, Scher headed to India for embryonic stem cell therapy. That was the beginning of a huge change in her health. This is How I Save My Life is her journey, as written in a blog she wrote during her experience.

For anyone not familiar with Lyme disease, it's preventable, but only if you avoid all deer ticks or get the tick that's biting you off within 24 hours. Even then, many doctors feel it's best to take a course of antibiotics if you've been bitten. The ticks don't have to bite in an obvious place. After a bite from a tick with the bacteria behind Lyme, a bright red, circular rash may appear, but if the tick's bitten you in a hard to reach place, you may never see that rash. Some people never develop a rash at all.

My aunt had Lyme disease. I know about the disease far too well. It lead to her enlarged heart, joint pain, and in her case it also affected her moods/psychological health. Whether that played a part in the alcoholism that would end her life, no one really knows. It's this personal history that made me intrigued with the author's journey.

I found myself amazed at the improvements in not just Amy Scher, but also the patients undergoing stem cell therapy who were paralyzed. It's amazing to read just how much improvement they were seeing. I realize stem cell therapy is a touchy subject, but it's really a shame. I lost a baby at 14 weeks of pregnancy and would have happily donated that fetus if I knew it might save someone's life. There are infertility clinics with unused embryos that get thrown out. Why not use them to help save a life?

This is How I Save My Life is an amazing story of one woman's struggles and achievements. It's uplifting and certainly brought tears to my eyes.
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  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful review! Sounds like the book really hit home for you. I am hoping it will bring much understanding to Lyme disease...and what can be done to heal. Thank you again!


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