Sparrow River - Kevin J. Garrity

Released March 31, 2012

Kevin J. Garrity

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Sparrow River: Death and Intrigue in the North Woods is set in Michigan, not Maine. I know around here North Woods is associated with upstate Maine, and the show North Woods Law might add to the confusion, so I figured I'd put the clarification out there for my local readers.

On an average day, Walt Pitowski isn't the most positive of men. Things don't general go his way. It's his dream of competing in a canoe marathon and the companionship of his dog Doofus that seems to bring the most joy to his life. During his normal work day, Walt finds a body in Sparrow River. This kicks off a chain of events that will leave Will experiencing things he didn't expect and delving into a possible murder that seems impossible to solve.

Walt comes off as pretty gruff, but despite this I found him quite endearing. While there is the mystery to solve, I felt a bigger portion of the book's appeal is in the setting. The author captures the small town feel and at times I found myself thinking about one of my favorite movies - Fargo. It's the setting and characters that ended up being more appealing than the mystery at hand. That's not a bad thing!

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