How To Get Over Your Ex - Nikki Logan

Released January 22, 2013

Nikki Logan
Harlequin Kiss

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

One of the first releases in Harlequin's new Kiss line, you can't beat the price. At under $3, you enjoy a short and sweet romance that's available in Kindle or paperback format. How to Get Over Your Ex is a good story, not amazing, but well worth the price. What is worthwhile is the general message behind the story - one about following your dreams and doing what inspires you and not what  you feel others want from you.

Georgia Stone is humiliated when her on-air Valentine's Day proposal is rejected by her boyfriend. She's humiliated, simply wants to get home unnoticed, and still has a radio station to get out of. Thankfully, a stranger offers to let her follow him out of a back entrance.

Zander Rush feels horrible that his idea turned into a disaster for Georgia. The contract he'd offered that would last a year with monthly follow-ups into the wedding planning is now useless. Instead, he comes up with an idea to put the promotion's money towards allowing Georgia to reinvent herself. She'll try new things, travel to places she's always wanted to visit, and basically do whatever it takes to regain a sense of herself and not let the rejection ruin her life.

Georgia's game for this new plan, but hesitantly so. Her first plan of action is to sign up for things the viewers would like - spy classes, dance lessons, etc. However, along the way, she realizes that to be true to herself, she needs to think of herself and not the listeners. In doing so, she might just find the confidence she needs to start over.

I loved the premise behind How to Get Over Your Ex, but the chemistry between the characters for me never really clicked. I was thrilled to see Georgia try new things and develop confidence. Zander pushed her away so often, doing the hot one moment and cold the next, that I felt she could do better for the majority of the book. Not liking Zander's attitude turned out to be a distraction that made it hard for me to see them as a couple. I won't give too much away, but I do have this to say. If you're falling into the same issue I had, stick with the book. The ending definitely made it all worthwhile.


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