The Zen Diet Revolution - Martin and Philippa Faulks

Released January 2013

Martin Faulks
Philippa Faulks
Watkins Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

The Zen Diet Revolution is more than a diet book/self-help guide, it helps you change how and what you eat. Instead of throwing yourself into another diet where you follow a rigid plan and then add things as the weeks pass, you learn how to reduce your food intake, learn to make healthier choices, and feel better about your self in the long run.

Unlike many diet books, you instantly connect with Martin Zen. He's been overweight and struggled through many failed diet attempts before realizing he could use his training in Zen Buddhism to help him success. She shares those tips with the reader. The book also has a handful of recipes you can use, including handy foil pack dinners where clean up is minimal leaving you time to enjoy a favorite Yoga routine, Tai Chi, or whatever exercise works for you.

I happened to read two diet books back to back, so I found myself comparing the two along the way. I really like the recipes in The Zen Diet Revolution. I also enjoyed the opening where I got to "know" the authors. The writing after that is a little more technical than the other, so that detracted me a little. Overall, I can see this becoming a book that really helps people change their thinking process about food, if they can stick with the book and really follow the helpful advice.

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