The S Factor Diet - Lowri Turner

Released January 2013

Lowri Turner
Watkins Publishing Limited

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

At the time of this review, Amazon does not have a listing for The S Factor Diet. It is available via Amazon UK.

The S Factor Diet takes a look at four critical hormones found within the body that can cause you to gain weight. The hormones are: Adrenals, Dopamine, Leptin, and Serononin. After explaining these hormones, there are self-assessments and then recipes for you to use.This isn't a long, boring guide. I found it very personable and straight to the point. Once I hit the diet plans and recipes, I was eager to get started.

Dessert, especially around my period, is a weakness, I admit it. Chocolate especially, so the serotonin-rich mocha cheesecake was a must try and definitely the right thing! In fact, many of the recipes excited me. I can't really get started until I have enough money to do a true grocery trip to get all of the items I need. Once I do, I'll really be putting the diet guide to the test.

It's kind of a shame that the U.S. Amazon doesn't have it listed. I really enjoyed reading and testing out the recipes. I've known for years that my serotonin levels are low, I never thought about dopamine though, and after taking the self-assessment quizzes, I'm definitely well over 30 on serontonin and came in at 30 for dopamine. Having that knowledge will help me start creating menu plans on my own that I know my family will love and that boost serotonin and dopamine levels.
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