Broken Promises - Donna M. Zadunajsky

Released June 2012

Donna M. Zadunajsky

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Broken Promises starts with the first person view of someone, the reader has no clue at this point, who is in a mental institution for some crime, you don't know what really occurred. All the readers knows is that the person did something to free a friend from an abusive relationship.

The story then backtracks to the life of Clare, her daughter, and her abusive, alcoholic husband. When Clare's husband announces he wants to start anew in Naples, Florida, where he's closer to his parents, Clare hopes this will be the start of a new life with the man she loves. These parts are told in the third person, but there are segments when the original narrator jumps back in. His or her identity is not revealed until the end of the book, and that does keep you guessing.

The rest of the story focuses heavily on Clare's relationship with her husband, who is abusive, a drunk, and a cheater - Clare knows all three. While I did find the book gripping, it also bothered me. My best friend is just ending her second abusive marriage, so I realize women all over the world fall into that pattern, but I've never understood how smart women fall for these men's tricks. Clare seriously seemed too intelligent to put up with her husband's crap and it drove me nuts that she stayed with him, even when she knew that he was nothing but trouble. When a "friend" of Clare's suddenly shows up, having moved south to follow Clare, and now wants to live with Clare and her family, as an intelligent woman, I would have been suspicious of her actions. Clare willingly played along though. I find it simply maddening.

Readers know that all of my reviews are based on "is it worth the price." In this case, I'm not sure I'd be happy paying the asking price of $15.95, $12 if you order through Amazon. The $9 Kindle price is better, but I'd honestly look for this one used. It's good, but it's not keeper material to me.

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