Indiscretion - Charles Dubow

Released February 2013

William Morrow

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Summers in the Hamptons seem like a dream come true for many. Author Harry Winslow and his wife Madeleine are one of the area's power couples - Harry for his talent and Madeleine for her beauty and amazing culinary skills. It's at one of their gatherings that Claire meets Harry, Madeleine, their young son, and Madeleine's best friend Walter Gervais.

The Winslow's embrace Claire openly and draw her into their lives. By the time the summer ends, they're off to Italy on a grant for Harry's next book. Claire, however, doesn't want the summer to end.

Indiscretion is narrated by Walter, a man who knows the story but wasn't there for all of it. I liked that aspect, it drew you into the story but left a bit of mystery with the "what happens next." By the time you reach the conclusion, you've definitely formed a strong bond with the characters and don't see things coming.

What I did find odd is that I liked Claire. Realistically, she's not the most likable character, yet I still felt myself drawn to her and almost understanding of some of her actions. As I read the story, I felt it had a bit of the edge that the television show Revenge has, only it's not truly along the same lines. It's that allure of the elite in the Hamptons and wanting to be part of them.

Indiscretion isn't your typical novel. It's part romance, part general fiction, and a whole lot of real life drama that's handled in a very honest way.

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