Within Reach - Sarah Mayberry

Released August 2012

Sarah Mayberry

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

What should be a joyous day turns into a tragedy, and it leaves Angie Bartlett without a best friend and Michael Young without the love of his life.  Trying to raise his children alone isn't easy, so when Angie's studio is broken into, Michael has the perfect solution, she can move into the studio he'd built for his wife, Billie. That way, the children have the"aunt" they adore nearby, she can help out with school and daycare schedules, and she's in a safe location and can focus on her jewelry making.

Neither Angie nor Michael expect to find their friendship expand into something else. One thing is certain, Angie is certain having a fling with her best friend's husband is not okay, and Michael's just as convinced that hooking up with his late-wife's best friend is wrong. Now if they could get their emotions to listen.

Within Reach was a touching book. I did tear up from time to time, as I could understand Angie and Michael's hesitance, but at the same time, I knew they were a perfect match. From the start, right when things start to take a turn at the beginning with Billie's death. That came unexpectedly and the impact was immense.

As a Harlequin, the book is shorter at under 300 pages. This does push things into high gear, but the story feels complete. A lot of time lapses in the first few chapters, and then the romance gets into high gear. This does rush the grieving process along, but it didn't bother me. I loved Within Reach and feel it's one of the best Harlequin romances this year.


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