Sultry With a Twist - Macy Beckett

Released October 2012

Macy Beckett
Sourcebooks Casablanca

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Over the years, I've read many new authors and only one has grabbed my attention the way Macy Beckett has. I adored Sultry With a Twist. While the premise isn't dramatically unique, the characters are what makes this romance stand out. I fell in love with the town of Sultry, and I'm so glad that she's returning to the town for future novels. I'd be heartbroken if she left Trey single!

In Sultry With a Twist, June Augustine is about to open her own trendy bar in Austin when she gets some unexpected news. There's an outstanding warrant for her in her former hometown, Sultry, and until that is cleared up, she can't have her liquor license. She's shocked because she's never broken the law. Her only option is to go clear that matter up immediately. When she arrives, the judge, a family friend, informs her she can either serve time in jail or stay in Sultry for a few weeks and complete community service. Opting for the latter, she's stuck in Sultry for a while.

June never imagines she'll run into the former love of her life, Luke Gallagher. Luke broke her heart, and she's not certain she can stand to remain near him for a month. Especially when she learns that his non-profit is one of the two on her list of community service options. June still loves Luke, and this time she's determined to take her grandmother's advice and show him that love isn't just a fantasy.

Luke and June had tough lives, and the author makes that very clear from the start. As they start to explore their childhood friendship and teen romance from an adult viewpoint, it's fun watching them battle with desires while trying not to become the talk of the town in this area where many of the older adults are highly religious. The laughter, tears, and smiles I shed while reading this book certainly put this one on my keeper shelf.

I've learned that there are two more books to come. I can't wait to see what happens next with Trey, Luke's right-hand man, and then to find out who is the hero/heroine in book three.


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