Presenting Readerpedia

Publishing house Cascada Productions, in collaboration with Green e-Books, has licensed and released the first-ever Readerpedia® edition of an eBook for the Kindle platform. Wayward Son, which takes its readers on an epic sweep through millennia of ancient history, is now even more compelling with Readerpedia®.  

What is Readerpedia®? Readerpedia® is a creative way to enhance your e-Book. At its essence, Readerpedia® is a glossary that is "embedded" and "in context" to your novel. This allows a reader to navigate seamlessly between specific words and their relevancy to the novel. The reader's experience is enhanced due to the author's ability to communicate additional information when necessary.

The Readerpedia® edition of Wayward Son contains over 100 hot links to embedded Readerpedia® entries, containing succinct textual and/or graphical descriptions of the colorful historical people, places, things and events. 

Wayward Son tells the story of Cain who, because he has killed his brother Abel, is destined to become a restless wanderer on the earth. The story covers eons of time, as Cain does not age, a fictional twist on the protective "mark" God has placed on him. Wayward Son takes the reader back in time where epic adventures in Egypt, Greece, China and Rome collide with modern-day intrigue and suspense. Witness the incredible story of the world's original Wayward Son.

Wayward Son is the first of many books to have this new program. Please watch this new video to see Readerpedia in action.

The book, Wayward Son, available for .99 on for a limited time,  is the first book to have Readerpedia.


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