My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northhampton - Karen Vorbeck Williams

Released October 2012

Karen Vorbeck Williams

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

My Enemy's Tears is a fictional account of what transpired between two women in 1600s New England. The Bliss family left everything behind and moved to New England in order to avoid the king's rising taxes. For Mary, her brothers, and her baby sister, this meant giving up a life of relative wealth and starting over in a house that was too small, in a family that struggled to make ends meet among the Puritans.

Eventually, Mary was hired out to the Lyman family where she worked as a maid while receiving the training she needed to become a proper young woman. Soon Mary befriends the Lyman's daughter, Sarah, and the two become close. When Sarah's father and then her mother dies, Mary decides to return home, an act that Sarah takes personally, thus ending their friendship.

Years later, both women are married. Jealousy takes over and one of the women accuses another of witchcraft. What happens next will shape both of their lives forever.

I admit, I struggled with the start of this book. The build up to their lives in New England took a while to reach a point where I was truly hooked. They do a far bit of moving around, but once they were settled and lived in the same community, I was hooked. I couldn't wait to see what would happen with the pair and ended up wasting an entire morning and afternoon reaching the final part.

If you are at all interested in the historic witch trials or simply want to experience life in a Puritan community, read My Enemy's Tears. Some of the characters are maddening for sure, and I'm thankful I live in today's world, but it was gripping while I experienced it.


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