Missing Daughter, Shattered Family - Liz Strange

Released September 2011

Liz Strange
MLR Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Private investigator David Lloyd finds himself challenged both at home and on the job. His struggles with his partner are a distraction. He wants Jamie to stop being so secretive about their relationship, but Jamie isn't quite ready to come out to his family. It's David's latest case that really is posing problematic. He's become very involved in finding a young woman, Stella, who's disappeared. The police aren't doing much as Stella is an addict and a prostitute, but Stella's mother wants to know what happened to her. David's determined to unravel the truth.

David knows how the police works, he was on the force for years until a homophobic attack left him injured. He got out of the force and now focuses solely on his work as a private detective. As he starts delving into Stella's world, it becomes clear that someone does not want the truth revealed. Vandalisms, threatening phone calls, and physical threats are all trying to keep David from finishing his job, but he's not about to give up. He'll do what it takes to find out what happened to Stella.

Missing Daughter, Shattered Family is the first book in the David Lloyd series. It's a good balance of David's home life with his partner and his time spent on the job. That balance of personal history and job details provides the reader with a complete look at who David is and what he believes in.

 I admit to being a bit of an armchair sleuth. I grew up on a steady diet of Nancy Drew and later dozens of authors, classic and new. I did figure out part of the mystery very early into David's investigation. Usually, I find that distracting because I know the majority of the outcome. This time, knowing in advance drew me in because I wanted to see certain characters get their comeuppance.


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