Willow Springs: A Destiny Novel - Toni Blake

Released July 2012

Toni Blake

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I wanted to love Willow Springs. In the end, however, I just liked it. Would I keep my copy, not really. I found I didn't really like the heroine. She made weak choices throughout much of the book and came off as a nag the rest of the time. Logan's not any better.

Amy Bright and Logan Whitaker have been buddies for as long as they can remember. As one of the local firefighters, Logan's life changes when he can't save a local couple during a fire. He quits his job, takes to the bottle, and is quite happy to live life as a recluse. Amy hopes she can get Logan to return to the land of the living. A drunken kiss changes Amy's world, and she begins to wonder if she and Logan could possibly have a future together.

Logan's embarrassed that he kissed Amy while drunk. That action makes him realize he needs to sober up and find a new career. While joining Amy in the town, he spies the long-missing sister of his best friend and is instantly smitten. He asks Amy to play matchmaker.

Amy cannot stand that Logan's interested in someone else. She devises a plan to write steamy secret admirer notes to Logan and eventually reveal her crush. Her plan is the only thing she has left to get Logan's attention, and she certainly hopes it will work.

Willow Springs isn't a horrible book. It is, at times, quite sensual and steamy. I wanted things to work for Logan and Amy, I really did. But, Amy doesn't seem to believe in herself at all. Even when another guy starts paying attention, she still doesn't get it. When things turn in her favor, she starts nagging Logan to return to firefighting, even though it's so clear that he needs grief counseling first. Nagging him only pushes him away, and it drove me mad that she didn't get that.

Characters from other Destiny Novels make an appearance in Toni Blake's latest. They don't steal the show, but are included enough that you can catch up on their lives now.

My bottom line is that this is a good story, but it's not a keeper for me. I'm not sure I'd rush out to buy a copy, but if I found it at a book sale or at the library, I'd definitely feel I got my money's worth.


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