Off Limits: Tales of Alien Sex - Edited by Ellen Datlow

Open Road is offering a reissue of a sci-fi/fantasy anthology for those who are fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey type novel.

From the publisher:

It¹s time for fifty shades of green: master anthologist Ellen Datlow pushes the limits with genre-bending science fiction stories from authors such as Joyce Carol Oats, Neil Gaimon, and Richard Christian Matheson ­ who surprise and delight in their explorations on themes such as gender, fetishism and sexuality, from a human and alien perspective. 

Alien Sex; Off Limits: Tales of Alien Sex; and Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers are being released as ebooks for the first time this week. Upon its print release, Publishers Weekly wrote, ³a provocative read not just for science fiction fans but for all those who sometimes feel that the opposite sex is just too strange to be from the same planet.²


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