Fix Your Relationship in One Minute - Jay Fleming-Smith

E-book 'Fix Your Relationship In ONE Minute' offers advice to women who ask themselves:
"Should I stay or should I go?"
Insightful author, Jay Fleming-Smith, offers readers life-changing tips on how to recognize true love.
See the Chapter 1 video below about the emotional roller coaster of dating an indecisive man.

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Fix Your Relationship in ONE Minute helps women get on the right track to true love, offering up answers to the top recurring questions in today's relationships. It will show readers why they need to avoid or leave unsuitable men, how to analyze themselves (and not him), how to tweak their own actions and how not to make the same emotional mistakes in the future. This book will help women find their next and hopefully final love partner in crime. 
CHAPTER 1 VIDEO: The emotional roller coaster of dating an indecisive man. What to do when he can't say "I love you". Should she stay or should she go? 

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Advice excerpt from ‘Fix Your Relationship In ONE Minute’:
"There comes a time for couples to take it to the next level. This always tends to be a little more challenging for the man because of his perceived loss of freedom. But if he truly loves you, he will tell you that he loves you, commit to you, live with you or marry you. If, however, there is constant doubt or indecisiveness, you just need to go. Doubt is a soft no! And most of the time, these men don’t even have the courage to tell you because they are afraid of confrontation. With these types of men, you cannot build a solid future. So you can do two things. Give him an ultimatum or leave!”
Fix Your Relationship In ONE Minute
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