A.K.C. Star Puppy: A Positive Behavioral Approach to Puppy Training - Mary Burch

Released August 2012

Mary Burch
Direct Book Service

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

You've seen plenty of books on training your puppy, but I think A.K.C Star Puppy is one of the best books on the subject. We brought a new Rat Terrier puppy into our home this summer, and I've tested lots of books and advice on training. Our puppy is a smart little guy and he picks up things almost instantly, and that's made training fun and rewarding.

One thing that sets A.K.C. Star Puppy apart is the friendly, almost conversational tone. This guide isn't just a "do-it-this-way"-type guide, it gives real accounts in how the training rule can be useful and how it works. Everything is presented with the honesty you need, training takes time and repetition. It also starts with an important look into the dog breeds and how to choose the one that best fits your family. In our case, we knew Rat Terriers needed plenty of activity, and as my teens walked a walking/jogging partner, he was a great choice.

This puppy training guide covers everything. Learn all about crate training, simple commands like sit/stay/come, games to play, housebreaking, tips to get your puppy accustomed to nail trims, and more important lessons like food dominance. I won't say our puppy is perfect, he's housebroken, amazingly it only took six weeks, he knows basic commands, and he's crate trained. He still does jump up to say hi, which we're working on and A.K.C. Star Puppy has given me new tips to try.

I think partnered with tips I've gotten watching It's Me or the Dog, I have everything I need to make sure our puppy is an amazing friend and protector. We're still contemplating dog obedience classes, I'm leery on them because of a past experience with the teacher pinning our puppy to the floor until she peed herself. When that's the only class offered in your area, it doesn't make you eager to return. I really think A.K.C. Star Puppy is a must-have resource for anyone with a puppy.


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