Safe House - Chris Ewan

Released August 2012

Chris Ewan
Faber and Faber

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

After awakening from a motorcycle crash in Isle of Man, Rob Hale's immediate question is how was his passenger - Lena - a beautiful blonde he'd just met. Rob is stunned when no one knows what he's talking about. He is certain the head injury is not creating things that didn't exist, but no one has ever heard of this woman.

Rob's sister recently committed suicide, and her request to her parents was to hire PI Rebecca Lewis if anything were to happen to her. Teaming up with Rebecca, Rob sets out to uncover the truth about Lena and learns there is far more to this situation than he ever could have imagined.

From the first page, I admit that I was hooked in Rob's story. For a while, the reader really doesn't know if Rob's simply remembering things that never happened or if there is something going on. As Rob and Rebecca unravel the mystery, the reader gets a front seat to their discoveries and reactions. It's a lot of fun and really makes you feel like part of the story.

I do admit there is a little bit to keep track of. The story ends up jumping around from Rob's perspective, to some of the officers, and even to Lena's. You do have to make sure you're paying attention to the different characters at first. Once you have them straight, it's easy to follow the shifts.

Safe House is a UK release with Faber and Faber. Amazon does list used copies of the Faber and Faber August release, but Minotaur has scheduled a December hardcover and Kindle U.S. release. If you can't find a copy of August's hardcover release, don't worry too much because it will be available through Minotaur soon.


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