Real Intimacy - Kristin Hodson, et al.

Released August 2012

Kristin B. Hodson, MSW, LSCW
Alisha B. Worthington, BSW, SSW
Thomas G. Harrison, MSW, LSCW
Cedar Fort

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I have to admit, I was a little surprised by the content in Real Intimacy: A Couple's Guide to Healthy, Genuine Sexuality. I admit to being a little biased, at first anyway, and basing that bias on a friend I had in high school. She was a member of the Latter Day Saints, and any sexually-related joke or discussion about sex in front of her was extremely taboo. She'd scold us for daring broach the subject in front of her before fleeing the area. I guess, I always figured that was just the lay of the land with that religion, and I apologize for being wrong.

Real Intimacy delves into the topics that many couples want to ask but don't know how. The guide starts with the question about intimacy. Is intimacy simply sexual or can it be more? I really like what I read!

The authors don't skip over anything. They do talk plenty about sex itself, but they also talk about the more intimate acts that make couples feel that special closeness - a simple back rub, holding hands, a whispered compliment, etc. They do discuss sex in an honest, often amusing, way, linking each chapter with real-life stories of everyday couples. They don't skip over anything either. They talk about orgasms and the genetic difference between men and women when it comes to sex. They talk about the effects of pregnancy on a sexual relationship, common mistakes people make that can dampen their sex life, and hurdles couples face remaining sexually active over the years.

They also talk about same-sex partnerships, and that, to me, was really refreshing. I live in a state where the passage of civil unions led to huge protests and some of the worst discrimination I have seen in my life. It's nice to hear a religious group not put same-sex couples down, when so many others do.

This really is a comprehensive look at what it takes to keep a marriage or partnership together. It's full of insight, personal accounts, and questions you can use to reflect back on what you've read. If you need help becoming intimate with your spouse or partner and don't know where to turn, Real Intimacy is the perfect solution.


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