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User Generated eBook Program Asks Writers To Help Tell The Story

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. - (AUGUST 28, 2012): Mzure, an established leader in interactive technologies, has partnered with international eBook publishing house Osutoria Publishing to create Open Book Projects, a user-generated line of titles that will allow writers to participate in shaping stories for a chance to be published. 

“Mzure's expertise in interactive technology made it an easy fit to bring these principles to Osutoria’s eBooks and develop Open Book Projects,” said Chad McNeill, US Managing Partner. “This collaborative, interactive reading and writing experience is similar to a gaming environment where users travel through a narrative based on their decisions and interaction with gameplay. Years of building open-world gaming stories dovetail nicely into what we feel is a logical next step, a new form of entertainment built on a chapter by chapter basis.”

Open Book Projects is currently seeking aspiring creative writers who not only want to get involved in the story- telling process but who dream of becoming published authors. “Face” will be the first title launched through this collaborative writing initiative and authors whose chapter submissions are selected will receive a percent share of revenue generated by the “Face” eBook publication. Submissions that are not chosen will remain the intellectual property of the respective authors. 

 “As each chapter is revealed, ‘Face’ will grow and evolve, “continues McNeill. “We don’t know what the final piece will look like, or even what genre the story will belong to, we only know that it will be a collaborative reflection of the community that helps create it.”

Starting today through September 18, Chapter two submissions will be accepted at and will be reviewed by the Osutoria Publishing team. Winning chapters will be posted and subsequent potential authors will then have between 2-3 weeks to draft and submit the next chapter, thus continuing the “Face” story. Prospective authors and interested readers can access the first chapter of “Face” for free at

For additional information and current “Face” chapter submission deadlines, please visit the, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

OpenBookProjects is a user-generated content program that is devised of a number of titles. Launching with “Face,” OpenBookProjects invites writers to determine the story line and create a collection of individual episodes that can be strung together seamlessly to form a coherent story. OpenBookProjects was developed to give writers and readers free rein. One person begins a story without stipulating what happens next. At the end of every chapter, readers are invited to write their own version and thus develop an ongoing story that continually takes new twists and turns.

Mzure is a full service development firm specializing in interactive technology and innovative methods of content delivery. Early in the conception process, Mzure founders, Jim Bradbury and Chad McNeill, recognized a pattern in interactive technology design. While most companies were stretching their current application and interactive design capabilities to accommodate emerging platforms, Mzure’s founders realized that more specialized personnel and techniques were needed for these companies to realize their goals. Mzure delivers custom interactive content for clients looking to reach new, broad and emerging markets on multiple platforms. For more information on Mzure visit:

Osutoria Publishing is a content provider utilizing interactive eBooks to market authors’ content to an international audience. With fortified distribution channels, including Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, competitive pricing policies and international marketing and public relations strategies, Osutoria Publishing prepares, markets, localizes and distributes content for various platforms and languages. Osutoria Publishing has more than 20 years of experience in the electronic entertainment industry and gives everyone the opportunity to be a published author by selecting books catered toward a digital and interactive format. Learn more about Osutoria Publishing at


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