Life Drawing for Beginners - Roisin Meaney

Released August 14, 2012

Roisin Meaney
Grand Central Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Life Drawing for Beginners captures vignettes of a group of strangers whose lives are interwoven, even if they don't at first realize it. This is a fun piece of fiction that really captures the setting well, and then draws you into each life as you try to figure out how the different characters connect.

Single woman Audrey Matthews opts to teach a life drawing course to bring in some additional cash. Five students - a young Polish man, a single dad, a young woman trying to start up a preschool, a bored housewife, and a young woman who's pregnant - all sign up. That leaves a model, and Audrey finds a single mom who needs some extra cash. The rag tag group meet weekly to learn all about life drawing.

Outside of the class, Audrey purchases a puppy she spies in a pet store window. The surly owner leaves a lot to be desired, but Audrey cannot ignore the puppy, or the fact that the pet store owner has answers to her questions about raising a training a pet.

Over a span of weeks, the connections between the men and women in Audrey's circle become clear, but no one has a clue as to what life is about to bring them.

This really is a fun story. It's not really a romance, though there are romantic aspects. It's not really general fiction either. It's a great character study, and an involving story that keeps you hooked until you reach the end.

Given that, I hope the author brings us back to Carrickbawn in the future. I have this feeling there are far more stories waiting to be told in this small Irish village.


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