Fatal Dive: Solving the World War II Mystery of the USS Grunion - Peter F. Stevens

Released July 30, 2012

Regnery History

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

For anyone who's ever watched and loved History's MysteriesFatal Dive: Solving the World War II Mystery of the USS Grunion is a must-read. In 1942, during WWII, dozens of families learned that their loved ones' naval submarine vanished without a trace. For the Abele family, his wife was left to fill the role of single mom to her three growing boys. Those boys always wondered what happened to their father, the submarine's commander, and their perseverance, and a little lucky, helped solve this baffling mystery.

Fatal Dive covers all of the bases. You get to know the family, the events leading up to the disappearance, and then the quest to uncover the truth. For 70 families, the truth would finally offer closure, though for some it did come a little too late.

At the end is a quick look into each of the men on board the Grunion and more information into their lives and the messages their families sent to the Abele family after the submarine disappeared or when the truth was revealed. That, to me, was the hardest part of the book and the one that had me tearing up.

Fatal Dive is an excellent piece of non-fiction and a must-have for any history buff's shelf.


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