A Painter of Silence - Georgina Harding

Released September 2012

Bloomsbury Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

A Painter of Silence was to be released September 18th, but Amazon's already selling it, so you can get your hands on a copy now!

Set in Romania in the 1950s, readers are introduced to a bone-weary young man who collapses on the hospital steps. He's unable to talk, and he carries no identification. Luckily, a young nurse recognizes him as a boy from her childhood. He, Augustin, was the deaf, mute son of her family's cook. The pair were six months apart in age, so she knows him well. As she understands how to communicate with him, she sets off to learn about what caused this young man to wind up covered in lice and nearing death's door.

This is a poignant book where readers learn things right along with Safta, the nurse. The book travels from the time when Safta and Augustin grew up at the same time to the moment Safta realized the "John Doe's" identity. A Painter of Silence spans WWII and Stalin's reign. History buffs will adore the details Georgina Harding uses to capture the time, and I think any reader will love getting to know Safta and Augustin.


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