White Lies - Jeremy Bates

Released May 2012

Jeremy Bates
Oceanview Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

On her way to start a new job in the Cascade Mountains, Katrina Burton makes a rash decision and picks up a hitchhiker in the pouring rain. She knows it's risky, but he looks young and chilled to the bones. When his drunken behavior is too much for her to take, she tells a lie to get him out of her car. She never expects to find that he's a co-worker, and he's not happy with the way she treated him.

To exact his revenge, he decides to put Katrina on the spot by getting her to throw a party for all the teachers at the cabin he is certain she does not have. Both he and Katrina never expect that her one lie will lead to a night of murder and desperation.

White Lies is a good read, but had Katrina been a smart person making wise choices, like I'd hope of a single woman, the premise would never had carried. Katrina really is as clueless as they come. I'd like to think that every woman out there knows never to pick up a hitchhiker. But, she does and goes on to keep spiraling her lie. After learning that “dangerous” hitchhiker is a co-worker, she could have simply told him that his actions were frightening and that's why she lied about her destination. Easy, honest, and not the route she takes.

I also hated Zach's character. He's a drunk, sure, but he honestly couldn't tell his actions in the car were threatening? And then to become vindictive just bothered me. Given that, as the story unravels, I felt anything that happened to him, he had it coming.

I'll leave it at that. I can't totally fault White Lies for being a bad book, because I did feel compelled to read every word. However, I didn't ever like the characters and, therefore, felt what happens was totally their fault for being so naïve and idiotic.


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