Night Journey - Goldie Browning

Released September 2011

Goldie Browning
Storyteller Publishing

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

A weekend away at her brother-in-law's wedding seems perfect for Emma Fuller. When she and her husband, Zan, return, she'll begin undergoing infertility treatments. She doesn't know they're staying in a haunted hotel, and she certainly doesn't expect to have ghosts targeting her. It seems she's not a stranger to this hotel that was formerly a hospital for cancer patients. When an accident puts her in a coma, she's sent back to the 1930s where she's pregnant and trapped in another woman's body. Meanwhile, Zan must protect her today because some shady professionals will do anything to procure Emma's heart for the daughter of a popular senator. Time's running out for both Zan and Emma.

The premise behind Night Journey is truly appealing, especially to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance. I loved Zan and Emma's story, and admit that once the story changes to the past, I had to adjust and get into the historical aspect. It was a little shocking to have grown to love two characters and then be tossed into a new story and have to get to know new characters.

Once I'd settled in, I was hooked and couldn't wait to reach the end. If you want a book that keeps you turning the pages, even if it means forgoing sleep, you won't be disappointed with Night Journey.


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