Bone Wires - Michael Shean

Released July 19, 2012

Michael Shean
Curiosity Quills

Book Review by Jen Beams

I went into this book expecting a simple and quick James Patterson-style murder mystery. Michael Shean wrote much more than that.

The story takes us forward in time to a setting similar to that of George Orwell’s 1984, where advertisements cover the world, surveillance is everywhere, and business has nearly taken over the world. It begins as a simple, but twisted homicide investigation in which victims are found dead with their spines carved out of them. This is just the “sexy case” detective Daniel Gray needs to advance in his career and receive all the technological perks that come with the next level badge. This simple investigation slowly evolves in to a complicated mess of corruption and danger in which Gray himself is a key pawn.

I was impressed with Shean’s realistic imagination of the future. It wasn’t too far-fetched but instead gave a believable take on where technology and capitalism are taking us. The story was a bit complicated to follow at times but that complexity is what set it apart from the average murder mystery story. It was totally  unpredictable and I love that in a mystery.

Bone Wires is a compelling story filled with surprises, drama, suspense, and a fantastic ending that left me thinking, “wow, that was a good book.” The list price for print is $12.99 and that’s a little high (I only buy books I will read more than once), but I would definitely pay for the ebook ($3.99). I hope to see more from Shean.


  1. Thanks for the great review! Just a little note, the list price of the paperback is $12.99 rather than $15, and B&N currently has it at 10% off, so hopefully $11.69 feels a bit more like it.

    However, yep, eBooks are almost always better value.

  2. I'll add a note to Jen's review, but per NetGalley, where we received the book, the MSRP is $14.99, so we use the pricing we're given when the review PDF is sent.


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