A Sweethaven Homecoming - Courtney Walsh

Released August 2012

Courtney Walsh

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

The continuation of the Sweethaven series shares Meghan's story. When the Nashville star learns her ex has leaked nude photos of her to the press and filed for sole custody of their twins, Meghan's forced to return home to fight for her children. It's bad enough she discovers this on a national television show, but worse is that her new album's been released and her manager urges her to let Nick take the kids so that she can focus on her career. But, she's a fighter. This means facing her past, the present, and her future and waging war against the only man she's ever loved.

A Sweethaven Homecoming does catch the reader up with other characters in the series. You'll find out if Tom and Lila's marriage will last. Discover what happens with Campell now that she's found her father and grandfather in one shot. And, you'll also see if Meghan and Jane can move past the death of Jane's son and return to the bond they once shared.

If you haven't read the previous story, you'll still love this second book. It works well as a stand-alone novel. Everything is briefly explained, so there's nothing confusing that requires an understanding of the characters' backgrounds and pasts.

The writing flows smoothly and keeps you hooked to the pages. That's one thing I appreciate with Courtney Walsh's books. They are Christian, but they don't preach and certainly are as enjoyable to secular readers as they are to Christian ones. If you're looking for a gentle tale about the bonds of friendship and love, you won't go wrong with A Sweethaven Homecoming.


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