Tears for the Mountain - Chris Rakunas

Released January 2012

Divertir Publishing

Tears for the Mountain is a touching, emotional look at the efforts by both the author and his travel partner Dr. Stephen Schroering shortly after Haiti's 7.0 earthquake. The pair set off to get necessary medical supplies to the New Life Children's Home, and this was not an easy mission. With very desperate Haitians looking for anything they could steal to save themselves and their families, the author and his friends faced some harrowing moments. At the same time, he also saw some things that would forever touch his heart.

Tears for the Mountain starts with the author having to defend his use of some short sentences. I find it sad that he had to include that. For me, the writing flowed perfectly capturing the tense encounters and the rush to get medical supplies to children and adults who were in desperate need of medications and bandages.

Some of the stories in this book will stick with me forever. A six month old who weighs six pounds and is literally starving to deal. My kids weighed far in excess of six pounds at birth, so that weight is simply frightening to me. There is a man with a broken leg that was set by a local healer in an improper fashion. There's also the story of a young child born with hydrocephalus, a condition that's easily treated in the United States, yet Haiti's doctors lacked the resources or perhaps knowledge to treat it.

If you've ever wondered about the inner workings of rescue efforts following a national disaster, you won't want to miss Tears for the Mountain. It's a very personal account that Chris Rakunas captures beautifully. Take note that the author is donating a portion of the proceeds from this book to New Life Children's Home.


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