Love is Murder - Sandra Brown, et al.

Released June 2012


Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Love is Murder took a long time to work my way through. That's a really good thing, as you get a lot of book for the money. The anthology contains 30 short stories, plus an introduction by Sandra Brown. Take time to read the introduction, because you'll quickly learn that the collection of stories is a tribute to the late Beverly Barton, who passed away in April 2011.

It is too time consuming to issue a brief synopsis of every story in this anthology. Instead, I'm going to share a couple of my favorites. Topping my list is a front-page sounding story of a mother who hopes after years of not knowing what happened to her daughter someone might reopen the case and discover the truth. Mariah Stewart does an amazing job at telling a story that sounds real and has an ending you won't see coming in Without Mercy.

Andrea Kane's Lockdown is another gripping romantic suspense. It's the perfect day for a wedding, and psychic Claire Hedgleigh can't seem to shake the feeling that something's about to go wrong. When an armed gunman crashes the wedding, it's up to FBI agent Sloane Burbank to save the day.

Robert Browne's Speechless tells the story of a young woman driven to spy on her boyfriend David by her mother. David takes frequent business trips, and as the woman's mother has had too many cheat on her during her lifetime, she's certain her daughter's boyfriend is just like all the others. What the young woman discovers is surreal.

Beverly Barton's Poisoned is another story that stuck with me. In this story, Olivia is certain she's been poisoned, but even worse is that she believes it is the man she loves who is trying to kill her.

William Simon's tale of a kidnapping case involving the POTUS's granddaughter, and the lengths authorities have to go to to catch the kidnapper, kept me on the edge of my seat. When the girl goes up for auction, Nicholas White must work fast to save her. I almost wish Spider's Tango had been a full-length novel.

Finally, Jon Land and Jeff Ayers team up for Last Shot. In this tale, Molly Wagner and her husband are about to lose their home to the bank. When Molly discovers a scanner has the magical powers to restore things from the past, she continues to use it hoping to fix their problems. Unfortunately, there is a high price to be paid for changing the future.

Bottom line with Love is Murder is that some stories really grabbed me and held my interest, while a few just didn't appeal to me. There are paranormals, crime procedurals, romances, and so much more in this book. It's not a book I found easy to read in one sitting, so in my mind, that makes it the perfect book that will last you a good portion of the summer.


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