Last Kiss - Luanne Rice

Released June 2009

Luanne Rice

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

In a follow-up to Beach Girls, Luanne Rice returns to Hubbard's Point, Connecticut. Nell Kilvert wants answers to the murder of her boyfriend Charlie. While Charlie's mom, Sheridan Rosslare, seems content never touching her music again and shutting herself off from most of the world, Nell isn't willing to do nothing. She hires Gavin Dawson, Sheridan's former beau, to investigate. Gavin agrees to look into Charlie's murder, and perhaps reunite with the woman who broke his heart. 

Last Kiss is a few years old now, but every now and then I'll hit a book sale and stock up on oldies that I missed. This is part mystery, part romance, and a powerful look at how different people handle their grief. I loved the story, loved the outcome, and now need to go read Beach Girls and see if author Luanne Rice has returned to Hubbard's Point again because I really want to see what becomes of the families there.


  1. I really like your reviews and book choices, Tracy. Could you email me at: ? I'm working with the author of "The Evelyn Project" which your reviewed here a few months ago!! :]


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