Grammar Girl's 101 Troublesome Words You'll Master in No Time - Mignon Fogarty

Released July 2012

Grammar Girl
St. Martins Griffin

Grammar Girl is a name many online writers know and rely on for helpful hints. Her latest book, 101 Troublesome Words You'll Master in No Time, is one I highly recommend. What's in this grammar guide are many of the most common errors I come across when editing articles.

Many feel the English language is the hardest of all languages to learn. The number of verb tenses, words spelled similarly with completely different meanings, and slang throw people off. Even those who grew up speaking American-English struggle with some words. Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl, tackles 101 of the more difficult words that trip people up.

I was thrilled to see some of my favorites in here. She covers how to capitalize certain words, how to spell out certain words (email over e-mail), and discusses my favorite messed up word - lay vs. lie. You go toward a door, not towards. You live in the South, or you can live in southern New York. I was happy to see black vs. African American brought up. I have friends who feel offended if people call them African American because they and the ancestors they know of were born in the U.S.

There are more words covered in here. Each word is given examples of their usage through quotes from books, movies, and TV shows.

There are some words not included in this book that I come across all the time -- Elicit vs. illicit, discrete vs. discreet, farther vs. further, assure vs. ensure. It's for this reason that I recommend writers pick up all of Grammar Girl's guides. Each book contains helpful tips that improve your writing and help you master all of the nuances of the English language.


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