A Callahan Wedding - Tina Leonard

Released May 2012

Tina Leonard

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

If you haven't read other books in the Callahan Cowboys series, I highly recommend starting from the beginning. I picked up A Callahan Wedding thinking it would be a stand-alone novel, and it really doesn't work out. There are too many things I didn't get that left me feeling like I'd wasted my time starting with this book.

Jonas Callahan never got over the fact that the love of his life, Sabrina McKinley had another man in her life. He's been in Ireland hunting for his aunt, but he returns to the family ranch with a fiancee in tow. He never expects to see Sabrina carrying a baby who is a miniature of himself.

Jonas is determined to marry Sabrina and give his son his name, but Sabrina's not ready to settle until Jonas proves he's really ready for an instant family. It becomes a battle of wits as the two butt heads.

There's also a side plot involving what really happened with the Callahan siblings' parents. That part never went fluidly for me. This is why I'm sure had I read the other stories, things would make more sense. I also had a hard time understanding Jonas's attitude towards his aunt, it often seemed juvenile, and then Sabrina's attitude towards Jonas also confused me. One minute she seems to weaken towards him and then just as quickly she's back to talking about returning to Washington D.C. Her on-again, off-again attitude wore thin, and I really didn't like her character as a result.

Once a clue into Sabrina's past was revealed, I started to understand things a little better. This is why I'm certain that had I read the books in order, I would have loved A Callahan Wedding. I highly recommend buying the entire series and working through them one at a time.


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