A Sweethaven Summer - Courtney Walsh

Released February 2012

Courtney Walsh

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

More than 20 years ago, Suzanne Carter was forced to abandon her friends and never return to Sweethaven, Michigan. Now, she's dead and her daughter wants answers to her questions, particularly the truth regarding who her father really is. Campbell Carter heads to Sweethaven hoping her mother's former friends will have the answers she needs.

In Sweetwater, Campbell is helped by an attractive young man who also has ties to Suzanne's past. With his help, she and her mother's former friends begin to unravel the mystery behind her father's identity and the secrets they kept from each other.

As a Guidepost book, I expected A Sweethaven Summer to be incredibly touching. I definitely wasn't disappointed. The characters are extremely likable, and there is the touch of romance that blossoms between Luke and Campbell adding appeal.

I didn't feel the mystery regarding Campbell's father was difficult to figure out. Watching the friends unravel the past was fun though. As you get to know the characters, you'll find yourself shedding a few tears.

For a summer read, I don't think anyone will go wrong with A Sweethaven Summer. I can see this book becoming a popular, very touching, beach read.


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