The Ninth Step - Barbara Taylor Sissel

Released August 2011

Barbara Taylor Sissel

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Years after being left at the alter, Livie Saunders receives a note from Cotton that simply states "I'm sorry." Flooded with emotions, Livie soon receives another message asking if she'll meet him. She'd wanted to put Cotton behind, even burying pieces of her wedding gown projects completed for her landscaping business. Cotton's return brings old feelings to the surface, feelings she's not sure she ever planned to face again.

For Cotton, leaving Livie was hard. After one mistake caused him to flee town, he's ready to face his past and the crime he committed. He needs to take that ninth step...

The Ninth Step surprised me. I'm never sure what to expect of an eBook, especially ones that are self-published through Amazon's program. I'd love to say everyone I've read has been amazing, but the fact is that I've ready far more works that really shouldn't have ever been published. I am relieved and delighted to say that Barbara Taylor Sissel's The Ninth Step is a stunning read and one that I'm incredibly thrilled the author shared it with the world.

From early into the book, the reader learns of Cotton's crime. Your knowledge comes far before the other characters, so you understand the torture he's going through. You also understand Livie's pain, and why so many around her feel the need to keep Cotton away. It's hard being torn between the two characters, but that's exactly what happens.

What ends up happening is that you become absorbed. It's hard to put the book down because you need to see how things play out. In a situation where there really can't be a happy ending, you're left wondering how the author will fit the pieces together in a way that leaves you satisfied. I won't give away any spoiler, but she does an amazing job. I'm so glad I read The Ninth Step and am very intrigued and want to check out the author's other stories now.


  1. I loved, The Ninth Step, too, Tracy. I found myself reading it while I cooked supper. Just couldn't put it down!


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