KBL: Kill Bin Laden - John Weisman

Released April 24, 2012


Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

Based on the real events leading to Bin Laden's death, KBL: Kill Bin Laden gives a fictional account of every aspect of planning that lead up to the killing. The story starts with the SEAL team revealing Bin Laden's corpse to a retired Airborne Ranger, Charlie Becker, and then goes back in time to the intricate details of planning his hunt and eventual assassination. Events are told in chronological order, so you feel the anticipation of the hunt building with each page.

Throughout Kill Bin Laden, the reader is taken on a detailed journey where key players all shape the tale. Readers spend time in the Oval Office, in the heat of Pakistan, and in the CIA headquarters in Virginia. Because the story has real people, it feels more like a true account than a fictional retelling.

If you've read the papers or watch the news, you likely know everything about what Bin Laden did and why the U.S. needed him dead. Those aspects of the book are going to seem very familiar. What you don't get to hear is the insider details. Of course, this part of the book is the "fiction based on real events," but that doesn't matter. The suspense and tension feels real.

If you're into political or military suspense novels, you won't want to miss out. Kill Bin Laden is out in mass market paperback on April 24th, so those who missed the hardcover release have their chance to buy a copy.


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