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Michael R. Stevens

Longing for escape from his mundane existence as a Stanford computer science major, Jason Lind signs up to play Fortuna, an online role-playing game set in Renaissance Florence.

From the first, fateful mouse click, Jason tumbles into the vibrant, lush, and anonymous world of Fortuna. Swept up in this highly complex, highly addictive game of fame, fortune, and power, Jason quickly transitions from casual gamer to compulsive player.

What started as a great escape may be anything but, because in the world of Fortuna, it's not how you play the game; it's if you survive.

"Fortuna will captivate you. An intriguing story of today's cyber world tied into the everyday world. And an intriguing mind wrote this book."

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Book of Nathan
Curt Weeden & Richard Marek

Rick Bullock takes the road less traveled when he quits his job as an ad exec to become director of a homeless shelter.

When Zeus, a longtime shelter resident, is arrested for murder, Rick wants answers. Convinced Zeus is incapable of such a horrific act, Rick sets off on a journey to keep an innocent man off death row.

But the trip takes a disturbing detour when Rick stumbles upon a transcript of the Book of Nathan.

When this controversial discovery attracts some sinister attentions, Rick learns that Zeus's life isn't the only one at stake.


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