Chai Tea Sunday - Heather Clark

Released April 2012

ECW Press

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

I swore I did this review a week ago, right after finishing the final word, yet I find no record of a review. In a way, I'm glad because a week later, after reading close to half a dozen books, I can't forget the lessons learned in Chai Tea Sunday.

Nicky loves her job as a school teacher, but she also loves her husband more than anything. For years, they've tried unsuccessfully to raise a family, and when she learns she's pregnant, they're both overjoyed. A couple months before the baby is due, Nicky goes into labor. The baby is born with a genetic disease that isn't treatable. Left to mourn the loss of their premature daughter, Nicky and her husband drift apart and become legally separated.

Needing to start over, Nicky leaves her condo and job behind and heads to Africa to teach children in an orphanage. There she finds the conditions appalling and the headmaster of the orphanage to be cruel. Putting her heart and soul into her work, Nicky becomes determined to save these orphans who have no one to rely on.

I loved this novel. It brought tears to my eyes and was hard to put down as I turned pages waiting to see what would become of Nicky. Some of the plot is pretty predictable, but that's okay. It was the powerful message of hope that kept me intrigued. Despite all that is thrown Nicky's way, she continues to keep her head up. Her character's strength amazed me and really drew me into the story.

If you're ready for something really moving that doesn't take days or weeks to finish, you won't want to miss Heather Clark's novel. Chai Tea Sunday is a charming story that even a week later brings a smile to my face.


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