Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Replacement Wife - Eileen Goudge

Released March 27, 2012

Eileen Goudge
Open Road Media

Book review by Tracy Farnsworth

Wow! Just wow! The Replacement Wife is a novel that will stick with me for years. If I wasn't snickering, I was sobbing. I admit I haven't always liked Eileen Goudge's novels, but she hit a home run when she wrote this book.

As a successful matchmaker, Camille Hart has an amazing instinct at matching single men and women. Her track record is impressive and she has a long list of clients to show for her successes. When she learns her cancer has returned and that it's highly unlikely she'll survive this aggressive stage-four cancer, she decides to start finding her husband a potential replacement before her death.

Camille's husband, Edward, is outraged at first, but he loves her so much that he agrees. She simply wants reassurance that when she goes, her children will be well cared for, and his career as a successful doctor often requires long hours.

When she starts realizing that some of her potential replacements seem to click with Edward a little too well, she has reservations. Jealously kicks in and she starts to wonder if she's really made the right choice.

The Replacement Wife is an amazing story. First, I found myself shocked by Camille's plan. It seems absurd, but then I thought about how much I'd hate to see my husband of almost 21 years pining away if something happened to me. I also thought about how lonely I'd be if something happened to him. I think it's instinctive to want to try to protect the one you love from pain.

There are twists in this story that you won't see coming. When they do, it really hits you. If Eileen Goudge's The Replacement Wife doesn't become one of the most popular selections among book discussions, I'll be shocked. I'll also be shocked if it doesn't catch the attention of Hollywood because it would make a powerful tearjerker of a movie.

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