Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Past Came Hunting - Donnell Ann Bell

Released September 2011

Donnell Ann Bell
Bell Bridge Books

Book Review by Tracy Farnsworth

The Past Came Hunting is part romance, part suspense and definitely holds your interest.

As a teen, Melanie made some bad choices. While hitchhiking, she manages to escape from the clutches of a perverted older man and ends up accepting a ride from a rich teen. Unfortunately, she learns a little too late that this teen is no good. She's arrested as an accomplice in a robbery at gunpoint and agrees to testify against him. This leads to his vow that he'll find and kill her.

Fifteen years later, Melanie is a single mom trying to put her past behind her. She moves into a new home only to find out that her new neighbor is the cop, Joe, who arrested her. The guy she testified against is out of jail and disappears. Everyone suspects that he's going to try to hunt Melanie down to make good on this threat. Melanie must trust in Joe's skills as a life-long policeman, a feat not as easily accomplished when she's trying to forget her past and start a new life amidst people who know nothing of her past.

The Past Came Hunting is really a romantic suspense. It's apparent from the start that Joe and Melanie have major issues to overcome if they're going to last as a couple. Watching them work through their inner demons makes for great reading.

The reader is kept up to date with the convict's plans, but there's still a high level of excitement as you read the cat and mouse-style chase to keep Melanie safe. Donnell Ann Bell's book is certain to please readers who enjoy a romance that's packed with suspenseful moments. There's a reason why this author wins awards. She's definitely an author to watch.

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