Upon a Mystic Tide - Vicki Hinze

Released December 2011

Vicki Hinze
Bell Bridge Books

Book review by Tracy Farnsworth

Once again, Bell Bridge Books reissued a novel from "A Seascape Novel/Romance" series. Though originally released in the 1990s under the name Victoria Barrett, each of Vicki Hinze's books still have a timeless feel, so it never seems as though they are almost 20 years old.

Upon a Mystic Tide shares the tale of Bess and Jonathan Mystic. Their marriage is over, and with the divorce comes the loss of Bess's job as a well-known radio relationship counselor. Needing to get away, Bess heads to the Seascape Inn in Maine where her close friend Maggie (Beyond the Misty Shores) fell in love.

In Maine, Bess and Jonathan find they're not quite as over each other as they hoped. Their marriage, however, has to end because Bess has had it with Jonathan's secrets, and he simply lacks the courage to tell her everything. If he can't summon the strength, there is no hope for this couple. Meanwhile, the inn's resident ghost just isn't as willing to let them give up.

The "A Seascape Romance" series spanned a number of books, including titles by Rosalyn Alsobrook. I read and fell in love with the town years ago, though in all honestly, many small towns in Maine make it easy to feel at peace. Vicki Hinze, to me, always captured the feel of a small Maine fishing town perfectly. I've spent many weeks of my life vacationing in Maine, and the characters you find in Sea Haven Village, are just as likable as those you do find in a Maine town. It really is a place where you refresh and re-energize mentally and physically.

If you like romances with a little ghostly intervention, I highly recommend reading Vicki Hinze's trilogy and then finding some of the other Seascape novels. You won't regret it!


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