Question of Trust - Laura Caldwell

Released March 2012

Laura Caldwell

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

Izzy McNeil's back and this time her boyfriend, Theo, is in hot water. He's been accused a Ponzi scheme, his business partner attempts suicide, and a major client is threatening to dump Izzy and her friend Maggie's firm if they don't drop Theo's case. Izzy isn't sure how she can really trust. Could Theo be playing her?

When Izzy's apartment is broken into, she starts to fear that there's something more to Theo's case. When a neighbor is found dead in that same apartment a short while later, Izzy knows there's something going on that she must solve to save herself and Theo.

I've never read any of the Izzy McNeil novels. While Question of Trust does recap past books, I think it would be better had I read the books in order. There seems to be a lot more to Izzy's relationships and background than the book was able to recapture.

The action is non-stop, and the case took a lot of twists making it hard to predict the outcome in advance. That was a nice change of pace because with so many mysteries, I have the case solved before I'm halfway through the novel. Laura Caldwell does a great job of throwing out potential suspects and situations that keep you guessing.

Question of Trust is a good story, but my only reservation is that I hadn't read the other books. I have a feeling I would have gotten more out of Izzy's character if I'd known her background and the situations she'd faced in the past.


  1. Thanks, Tracy, for this well thought out review!

    Laura Caldwell


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